Nutrition: The Complete Guide to Looking and Feeling Great

My philosophy on nutrition is centered around a whole food plant based diet. Eating whole, plant based foods lets you achieve your fitness goals without sacrificing your health. It’s possible to achieve and maintain a healthy weight in other ways, but it’s difficult to obtain the same level of overall health. There have been many studies showing that whole food plant based nutrition helps to reverse and prevent disease. There are also plenty of examples of athletes that follow plant based diets, busting the myth that you have to eat animal products to increase strength and build muscle.

Bottom of Squat

Squat: The Complete Guide to Squat Form

The squat, along with the deadlift, is one of the two most important lifts for developing your strength. The squat works many lower body muscles. Primarily it works your your quads and?glutes. But it also works your hamstrings, hips, lower back, and even your abs.?Although it mostly works your lower body, you’ll see total body improvements once you start squatting. Since squats work the largest muscles in your body, they trigger the release of testosterone & growth hormones that help muscle growth in your upper body as well. Ladies, this doesn’t mean you’ll get overly muscular because your body won’t produce as much as a man’s will.


Deadlift: The Complete Guide to Deadlift Form

The deadlift and the squat are the two most important lifts for developing overall strength.?Just like the squat, the deadlift targets your lower body muscles. It primarily works your posterior chain muscles like your glutes, hamstrings, erector spinae, and quads. It also works your hip muscles and your core. By working these large lower body muscles, you will also see upper body improvements because of the hormonal effects it has on your body.

Top of overhead press

Overhead Press: The Complete Guide Overhead Press Form

The overhead press is one of our four core upper body lifts. It primarily works your?deltoids?and triceps. By doing it from a standing position, you’ll also be activating your core to keep your body in a strong, balanced position. Bracing your body by tightening your core is important for every lift and every sport. Since the angle of the overhead press focuses the movement on your shoulders instead of your chest, it’s the most important exercise for your shoulder development. Make the overhead press part of your regular routine for a strong, balanced upper body.

Bench Press

Bench Press: The Complete Guide to Bench Press Form

The bench press is one of four core upper body lifts. It works a variety of upper body muscles including your pectorals, triceps, and deltoids. For men, the bench press will be the best exercise to build those big, defined pecs you are looking for. For women, it will lead to much better overall upper body definition and posture. One of the biggest keys to looking and feeling great is having the balanced athletic look provided by great posture.

Top position of single arm row

Row: The Complete Guide to Row Form

The row is a great exercise for working your upper back (lower traps), lats, and biceps. It works some of the same muscles as the pull-up while working more in your upper back. I prefer the single-arm dumbbell row because it doesn’t fatigue your lower back and you have a bench to support you. Since you have a bench to support you, like in the bench press, you can make sure your lifts stay balanced. It’s also a much easier exercise for beginners than the bent-over barbell row.

Pull-Up: The Complete Guide to Pull-Up Form

The pull-up and the row are the best exercises to work your lats and biceps. It’s also great for your forearms and grip since you have to hold your weight up. If you’re a beginner, you can easily progress into the full movement then add some weight later. Doing them with correct form is easy since it’s such a natural movement for your body. They also play an important role in balancing your upper body posture so your chest and shoulders don’t slump forward.


Understanding the Ingredients List

Understanding the ingredients that are actually in your food is challenging. Food companies try their best to disguise ingredients that damage your health. They frequently use different words for the same ingredient. If researchers discover an ingredient will damage your health, food manufacturers will swap it for something less known but just as unhealthy.

Since most food companies don’t care about your health, it’s important to learn to understand what’s really in your food. It will take you some time to recognize everything that shows up in your food. You can get used to the ingredients by looking up each one you don’t recognize. By doing this, you’ll familiarize yourself with them over time.

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Learn to Read the Food Label

Everyone reads the food label. The problem is most people only read the front. Reading the back of the food label is the first step to a more nutritious diet. Nutrition Facts gives you tons of valuable information that you can use to shape your diet.